Peek A Boo Quilt

Peek A Boo Quilt
The Peek A Boo Quilt, one of my favorite quilting accomplishments!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hello again...

It has been a loooong time since I physically picked up my Bible and read from it.  I have been doing a daily devotion from Joyce Meyer through an app on my phone.  But, today I felt the call, the need to physically hold my bible, turn the pages and read.

It took me a few minutes to find my old friend.  I knew where it should be and it was there, but buried under a seldom used journal and a box of my husbands computer stuff, on the shelf of my nightstand.

I didn't know what I was going to read.  Hadn't thought that far ahead when I felt the pull to read from it. 

I wiped off a layer of dust, (I'm embarrassed to admit that) and took a quick photo of it to celebrate my reunion.  Since Bug was watching Cars 2 in the living room, and I am quite sure I would have napped had I chosen to read in bed, I decided to read on the front porch.

Our front porch has seen more inviting days - currently with the sand and water table on it, there is a thin dusting of sand all over the floor.  It's quite thick around the table.  That did not deter me.  It's a mild day here - blue sky, white fluffy clouds, mid-70's, a little humid but with a soft breeze.  Balmy.

I stared at my Bible.  Flipped through the pages. They make the most delightful crinkly sound.  Quickly looked at a few of the bits and scraps of paper stuck in it here and there hoping for inspiration.  Nothing.  I then said a quick prayer - "Ok God, the Holy Spirit has moved me to open your book of love letters to me, where should I read."  I then noticed several page corners folded over, from something being shoved against them, and said alright, I'll look here.  The first folded over page was at the beginning of Hebrews 11 and the folds ended at the end of the book of 1 Peter.  I read them all.  Amazed at the profound things I'd read before and underlined.  Wondering what the significance was for me then.  Wishing I'd brought a pencil out to underline things now.  Realizing that I think when I underline in the future, I'll put a date with it to jog my memory.

It was pretty neat to read with a "fresh" mind.  I also enjoyed that my Diakonia education came popping back out at certain points. 

Hoping for a wonderful and peaceful evening with the family!  Grab your Bible and read.  Not for a devotion, not for classwork, just for the joy of reading.  It's a wholly different experience!

Happy Reading!

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