Peek A Boo Quilt

Peek A Boo Quilt
The Peek A Boo Quilt, one of my favorite quilting accomplishments!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sanity Saver

Dimensions 10.5" x 12.5" x 4.5"
and 18" handles.
For all the wonderful-ness of this past weekend, this week hasn't been all that easy at all.  Looking back to Monday it's obvious that Baby Pie was getting sick.  Tuesday, we went to our last MOPS meeting of the year.  And man, has this year just flown by!  By the time we stopped at the store after MOPS, Baby Pie was looking extra worn out and glassy eyed.  When she woke up from her nap she was burning up.  In went the Tylenol - she does not like Tylenol and is very skilled at spitting for distance.  I didn't add anymore to the dose, but what ever did manage to get down her throat made a huge difference.  She fell asleep again and I sat down to sew.

I started this bag on Thursday night at quilting.  I had 14 extra squares left from making the baby quilts.  I decided to make a bag and left the two very plain squares out - they'll find a home in something else at some point.  I managed to get the outside designed, cut and sewed and the inside cut, so that when I was at home all I'd have left to do was the quilting and the assembly.

4 pockets on the inside.
I was able to completely finish the bag yesterday.  Yay me!  It was a wonderful zen place to take my mind from worrying about Baby Pie, and Hubby working super late multiple nights this week, and what to do with Bug this summer.

Here it is.  I think the colors are wonderful, but really don't have a use for it.  Ok, I can always use another bag, but honestly I need a little income to feed this fabric habit of mine.  I think I'm going to try to sell it for $30 plus shipping if my buyer isn't local.  Any takers?

 I've begun hunting precut "charm packs" online because I really enjoyed this project and can see making more of them if there is interest.

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  1. How beautiful!! My mom sews and I sure do love the bags she has made for my girls and me. You picked some really cute colors. I wonder if you could get some samples of designer fabrics to do these? Looks like such a fun project.