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Peek A Boo Quilt
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Chronic Diaper Rash

Baby Pie has what I am terming Chronic Diaper Rash.  It started, strangly enough, when the weather cooled off, at the end of August.  Thus, we've been dealing with it for almost a month.  It was almost cleared up and at the amusement park Bug gave her a bottle of apple juice with all the best of intentions, but that started it up again.

I am running out of ideas to try.  I've made the cream Bug's pediatrician recommended for her that always worked, miconizole, foot fungus cream, mycitracin, benadryl cream and zinc oxide diaper rash cream.  What was working until the apple juice incident was California Baby brand Calendula Cream and diaper rash cream.  I've changed diaper brands, quit using commercial wipes.  We use our own homemade wipes for poop and a California Baby cleaning spritz and cloth diaper to dry for wet diapers.  I'm changing them at the first sign of the diaper being dirty.

I have spent so much money on various diaper products, new diapers, creams, baby washes, etc.  The only thing I'm spending less on is the homemade wipes.  They are super cheap and easy to make.  Cut a tube of paper towels in half, take out the cardboard center tube and put in a large container that you'll be able to close.  Mix about 1 bottle of water or 2 cups of boiled water with about 1/2 Tbsp of a gentle baby wash, and 2 Tbsp of an antibacterial/soother like the California Baby Spritz that has witch hazel and tea tree oil (I think) then pour over the 1/2 tube of paper towels and you are in business.  I pull the "wipes" from the center. 

She is miserable.  Some days are worse than others for some reason.  Today is a bad day.  She has tiny open sores that are bleeding.  Let's face it when you are that raw in that sensitive area, nothing you do to clean it is going to feel good, no matter how gentle the products or the touch is.

I wish I knew how to fix this for her.  I'm sure she'd love to have her smooth unblemished, non-painful baby butt back too!

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