Peek A Boo Quilt

Peek A Boo Quilt
The Peek A Boo Quilt, one of my favorite quilting accomplishments!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nanny Diaries, Proverbs 31 and Mommy the second act

I just finished listening to the Nanny Diaries, again.  I feel a bit condemned by the book.  It's fiction, and honestly I think that Mrs. X is a little over the top in her attitude toward everything, and a horrible mother, but really find that what Nanny says at the very end to be profound and pertinent to my life as a mommy.  My girls really are fabulous and interesting little people.  I need enjoy spending time with them and not dread it or avoid it.

I read and reread Proverbs 31, which tells about the good wife.  I strive for that and am thankful for the Lords forgiveness and my husbands and girls patience with me as I never seem to quite "get there".  There are days when I feel like I'm making progress, but when I look back I made that progress at the expese of some other portion of my "duties" as wife and mother.

One of my friends just posted on FB that being a mom is the best job ever.  Wow.  My first thought was I'm so happy for you and I wish I still felt that way.  I remember with my first daughter 10 year ago, motherhood was wonderful, and exciting and incredible.  This time around with my now 10 month old daughter, I'm finding it hard and tedious.  I love my babies, both of them, but I miss that sense of wonderment at all the new things the baby is doing. I truly wish I could find it and bring it back, she deserves that much. 

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